Phoenix Engagement Photography: Don + J’enay

Andrew and I met with Don + J’enay for the first time just under two weeks ago. Over a cup of coffee they told us all about their plans for their wedding day and what they were most excited about. One topic kept coming up, though, and that was their engagement session. They knew exactly what they wanted and where they wanted it to be. We fell in love with their confidence and their love for the city. Don is an archictect so capturing the city and the incredible architecture that we have downtown was a must. Architecture in and of itself is often times under-appreciated so we were so excited to have the chance to really capture some beautiful buildings, along with Don + J’enays playful relationship. We had so much fun walking all over the city and snapping photos of these two… we seriously cannot WAIT for their fall wedding! Enjoy! :) -A&J

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Danielle May - Don and J’enay!!!!!!!!
You look absolutely amazing in these photos! Andrew & Jade truly captured your relationship. I am gushing over these pictures. I cannot wait until the wedding in October!
So fabulous Andrew & Jade!

Jada Faith Henning - I love the photos!!! ❤️

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